Glendale Property Management Services

If you’re managing your investment properties on your own and you find it frustrating and time-consuming, understand this: It doesn’t have to be. At Earnest Homes, we’ll take all the details off your plate and handle everything from leasing to rent collection to maintenance and accounting. We’re excited about the Glendale properties we manage, and we love staying up to date on market trends and rental laws. We invest in technology but we prioritize relationships.

Setting a Higher Property Management Standard

Partner with Earnest Homes and you’ll see what a difference a bit of technology and a lot of expertise can make. We know how to help you earn more on your Glendale investments.
Expect more from your property manager. Here’s what we provide:

Smart Marketing

Let’s avoid long and costly vacancies by renting out your home quickly.

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Our strategic marketing plans are designed based on the current market, the demands of tenants, and the particular features of your rental property. We understand the competing properties in Glendale, and we know how to position your rental home to get the attention it needs from well-qualified tenants.

We use professional-level photos, concise listings, online rental platforms, and social media to attract a large pool of renters.


Screening Tenants

A pleasant and profitable rental experience starts with good tenants. We can find them.

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Our tenant screening process is compliant with all of California’s strict fair housing laws. We establish a set of rental criteria and screen all applicants against those same standards. We look for stable credit, verifiable income that meets or exceeds our minimum, positive rental histories, no prior evictions, and good rental references. By finding and placing the right residents, we know your rent will come in on time and your property will be maintained.

Lease Enforcement

Do you know where to find a lease agreement that’s legally compliant and enforceable?

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At Earnest Homes, we have those leases. Our lease agreements are designed to protect you and your property.

There’s no sense in having a lease agreement without good lease enforcement. We work hard to establish and nurture positive relationships with our residents, but we’re also quick to hold them accountable. We explain the terms of the lease before they move in; there are no surprises and they understand all expectations.

Routine Inspections

Our most important inspections are before a tenant moves in and after a tenant moves out.

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The move-in inspection allows us to document the condition of your rental property. We take pictures of everything and we note how every floor, ceiling, wall, countertop, and appliance looks. This helps us at the end of the lease term, when a tenant moves out and we’re conducting a move-out inspection. It’s easy to compare the condition of the property at each point. We handle the security deposit appropriately.

Responsive Maintenance

We’ve been managing rental properties in Glendale long enough to know that a repair has never gotten easier or cheaper with time.

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We’re responsive and proactive when it comes to maintenance, because it saves you money.

The vendors we work with also contribute to cost-effective repairs. We maintain a preferred network of contractors and service providers to ensure your property is well-maintained and updated when necessary.

Risk-Free Evictions

Eviction is a huge fear for a lot of rental property owners in Glendale. Understandable.

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In California, evictions can be expensive and time-consuming. When you partner with Earnest Homes, you can relax – evictions are rare. We screen tenants thoroughly and maintain good relationships to avoid any problems that may lead to eviction.

If it becomes necessary, however, we’re prepared. We know the court system and we understand the laws. We’ll protect your property.

You’ll Love Investing in Glendale Real Estate

Thinking about buying a rental property in Glendale, or renting out a home that you currently own?

It’s a great way to earn consistent, recurring rental income every month. When your property is managed and maintained professionally, you’ll also earn some impressive returns over the long term.

Glendale is less than half an hour from Los Angeles. It has its own local economy, a vibrant cultural scene, great restaurants, and plenty of entertainment. Museums, mountains, and everything in between can be found here, making it an ideal place to live, work, and invest.

A luxurious three-story modern home with beige stucco siding, large picture windows, and a lower-level garage. There are stairs leading up to the entry door on the second floor. The house is surrounded with greenery.

We’ll Manage Your Single-Family Rental Home and Multi-Family Units

We specialize in residential rental homes, whether it’s a single-family residence in a gated community, a condo close to downtown, or units in an apartment building. Duplex? Yes. We work best with buildings that have fewer than 50 units.
Count on us to bring you efficient leasing and low vacancy times, exceptional rental experiences for tenants who are likely to renew their lease agreements, and maintenance plans that protect and promote your investment property. We’re your Glendale property management resource.

Why Work with Earnest Homes?

Partner with us, and you can leverage our expertise, our detailed market knowledge, our deep resources, and our innovative technology. Earnest Homes is all about relationships. Trust us to communicate transparently, save you time, and help you earn more money.


Higher Earnings

Earn more in rent every month and let us show you how to increase the value of your rental property.

Better Tenants

With well-screened, high-quality residents, you’ll worry less and enjoy a profitable rental experience.

Less Risk

Legal mistakes are easy to make. Keep yourself and your property compliant by teaming with Earnest Homes.

Owner FAQs

How do you screen potential tenants?

We have a rigorous screening process that includes checking credit history, employment verification, and rental references to ensure that we only place qualified tenants on your property.

What is your eviction process?

Our experienced team handles everything from sending notices to appearing in court, saving you time and money. We even offer an Eviction Protection Guarantee to ensure you’re covered for any court or legal fees that may arise.

How do you handle maintenance and repairs?

We have a 24-hour maintenance line where tenants can submit their requests. We also have an emergency maintenance line so tenants can speak to live representatives, resolve issues promptly, and prevent further property damage. Our experts also conduct preventative maintenance and repairs before a tenant moves in and after they move out.

How do you handle rent collection?

We offer various convenient payment options for tenants, including online rent payments. Our team follows up promptly on late payments and takes appropriate actions, such as issuing notices or filing for eviction, if necessary.

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