Full Service Santa Monica Property Management

There’s no need to struggle through the management of your own rental property. In Santa Monica, California, property management requires resources, technology, a lot of experience, and an understanding of state and local laws. At Earnest Homes, we make sure you’re getting everything you need. We protect your property and provide an exceptional experience for your tenants thanks to our PropTech innovations and our commitment to customer service.

Partner with Earnest Homes to Earn More in Rent and Enjoy Higher ROI on Your Santa Monica Investment Properties

Feel like you’re wasting money on maintenance, vacancy, and unforced errors? We can save you money and frustration. Enjoy a more positive – and profitable – investment experience with us. Here’s what we can do for you.

Listings and Marketing

Our effective and efficient leasing process begins with an attention-grabbing listing and a strategic marketing plan designed to attract as many well-qualified tenants as possible.

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We use all the popular rental sites, and we also share your listing on social media platforms. Our technology allows for immediate syndication and ongoing analytic support.

Let’s get your Santa Monica rental home the attention it deserves.


Rigorous Tenant Screening

Tenant screening is an important part of protecting your property and your rental income. We look for tenants who can be trusted to pay rent on time, take care of your property, and follow the terms of the lease agreement.

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We look at credit, income, rental history, eviction history, and general background. Our process is objective and consistent, ensuring we’re in compliance with all state and federal fair housing laws. The result? A well-qualified tenant for your property.


Strong Santa Monica Lease Agreements

We provide a lease agreement that’s both legally compliant and legally enforceable in California, where tenant protections are strict. Your lease will protect you as the property owner and your rental home. It will also protect your residents, and let them know exactly what their responsibilities are.

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We share our expectations with tenants as we’re reviewing and signing the lease. There’s never any confusion, which results in fewer conflicts and disputes.

Cost-Effective Maintenance

At Earnest Homes, we prioritize preventative maintenance, and there are a few good reasons for that.

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First, it protects the value of your investment property.

Second, it ensures we’re able to continue attracting and retaining high-quality Santa Monica tenants.

Third, it reduces the cost and the frequency of those expensive, stressful emergency repairs.

Good vendors. Cutting edge tech. Preventative services. That’s how we maintain your rental home.

Legal Compliance and Reducing Risk

There’s a lot of liability that comes with renting out a home. Let’s not make things riskier than they need to be. Your Earnest Homes team provides Santa Monica property management that’s compliant with all state and federal laws.

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We know fair housing. We understand security deposits, rent control, and just cause eviction.

With ongoing education and serious risk management, you won’t have to worry about expensive mistakes or even misunderstandings. Everything is documented, compliant, and complete.

Communication and Transparency

Thanks to our investment in fantastic technology, we’re more transparent, more accountable, and better able to communicate with you, your tenants, the vendors who work at your property, and anyone else who has an interest in the homes you rent out.

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From online portals to social media to PropTech and smart home features, we’re always looking for ways to make communication stronger and more responsive. We’re available and accessible, and it’s easy to get in touch. This is what you should expect from your Santa Monica property management partner.

Good Reasons to Invest in Santa Monica

Found on the westside of iconic Los Angeles, Santa Monica is a unique and vibrant city, balancing coastal charm with big-city sophistication. Visitors and residents come here for the many miles of picturesque beaches, great restaurants, tremendous shopping, and glittering nightlife. It’s an ideal market for any investor looking for sustained demand from a well-qualified pool of residents.

Enjoy high rents, a lot of appreciation potential, and all the perks that come with owning investment property in a southern California community that’s as desirable as Santa Monica.

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Meeting All Your Residential Management Needs in Santa Monica

Since 2016, Earnest Homes has been the leading resource for property management in Santa Monica. Not only do we have a deep understanding of the local rental market, we also carry industry leadership that delivers a strong set of leasing, management, and maintenance services as well as an ability to help investors identify new opportunities.

We manage single-family homes, condos, townhomes, and multifamily buildings and units. We’re excited about where technology allows us to go, and we are excited about helping our owners and investors enjoy a pleasant and profitable rental experience. Leverage our experience, our tech, and our property management passion.

Work with Earnest Homes

At Earnest Homes, our job is to keep your Santa Monica rental property occupied with great tenants. We focus on saving you time, earning you more money, and creating a pleasant and profitable rental experience.


Earn More in Rent

Higher earnings through lower vacancy, better tenants, and tech-enabled systems that are automated and time-saving.

Attract Better Tenants

With well-qualified residents, you can count on rental payments that come in on time, close attention to property condition, and easy lease enforcement.

Avoid Legal Errors

Renting out a property in Santa Monica is risky, thanks in part to California’s strict rental laws. We keep you in compliance and follow every legislative change.

Owner FAQs

How do you screen potential tenants?

We have a rigorous screening process that includes checking credit history, employment verification, and rental references to ensure that we only place qualified tenants on your property.

What is your eviction process?

Our experienced team handles everything from sending notices to appearing in court, saving you time and money. We even offer an Eviction Protection Guarantee to ensure you’re covered for any court or legal fees that may arise.

How do you handle maintenance and repairs?

We have a 24-hour maintenance line where tenants can submit their requests. We also have an emergency maintenance line so tenants can speak to live representatives, resolve issues promptly, and prevent further property damage. Our experts also conduct preventative maintenance and repairs before a tenant moves in and after they move out.

How do you handle rent collection?

We offer various convenient payment options for tenants, including online rent payments. Our team follows up promptly on late payments and takes appropriate actions, such as issuing notices or filing for eviction, if necessary.

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